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5 stories to follow in 2018: #3. Pearland Regional Airport receives TxDOT grant, plans changes to safety and security

By Haley Morrison | 9:30 am Jan. 20, 2018

The latest Pearland Regional Airport was awarded a state grant that will begin and end in 2018. This grant will allow for safety and security updates to the airport. Pearland Regional is a reliever airport for William B. Hobby Airport in Houston. While the Pearland airport has existed since the 1950s, Texas Aviation Partners took over in late 2013. According to Texas Aviation Partners co-owner Stephen Alexander, changes to drainage have been made since then. This allowed aircraft from the airport to fly supplies out during Hurricane Harvey. The airport was annexed into the city during the Pearland City Council meeting that was held Nov. 27. The airport has also added new hangars, remodeled the terminal building and added full-service concierge-level amenities, including rental cars, flight planning and assistance with hotel accommodations since 2015.

What’s next The Texas Department of Transportation grant will allow for a number of safety and security updates, including new gates, lighting upgrades and airport striping and marking. The airport has four gates, all of which will be evaluated. Some of the gates may be replaced after the evaluation. These safety and security precautions will affect both the flying and driving public. Increased signage as well as repairs to the gates will discourage drivers from mistakenly driving onto a runway.

This story is one update from The January Issue. View the full list of Top 5 stories to follow in 2018 here.

Source: https://communityimpact.com/houston/pearland-friendswood/development-construction/2018/01/20/pearland-regional-airport-receives-txdot-grant-plans-changes-to-safety-and-security/

Pearland Regional Airport to use $500,000 grant for upgrades

By Kristi Nix, [email protected]

Published 4:59 pm, Sunday, July 16, 2017

The Pearland Regional Airport is set to launch $500,000 in renovations and upgrades thanks to a grant from the Federal Aviation Administration that will be administered by the Texas Department of Transportation.

The grant will fund safety and security improvements including new entrance gates, signage, striping and lighting designed to increase visibility of runway markings for pilots.

Project costs will be funded through the Clover Acquisition Corp. and TxDot’s Aviation Facilities Grant Program.

“The airport is truly a small city now, and this grant will go a long way to ensuring that the airport is set to safely and efficiently continue its robust development,” said Stephen Alexander of Texas Aviation Partners, the managing firm of the airport. “The enhancements the airport will receive will help to make sure that aircraft can navigate the airport safely, alongside their four-wheeled counterparts.”

The airport, a privately owned airfield open to the public, is home to a variety of tenants and businesses including several flights schools, airplane and helicopter maintenance shops and 20 full-time residents who live in homes or condos connected to private airplane storage facilities.

Built as a private facility in 1940 by the George R. Brown family, the 320-acre airport was transitioned to public use in 1950. Clover Acquisition acquired the property in 1957 and renamed it Clover Field. The airport, which has one 5,000-foot runway that can accommodate up to medium-size aircraft, was renamed Pearland Regional Airport in 2003. Texas Aviation Partners took over management in June 2013.

Two flying clubs, Coastal Skies and the Bar Area Aero Club, are based at the airport. In addition to flying lessons, airplane rentals and air tours for non-pilots interested in sightseeing, the clubs offer group comprehensive insurance and social events for members.

Operations manager Adam Arceneaux said the improvements will provide new security gates at the four airport entrances.

“We also plan to upgrade all the taxiway and runway lights, install additional lights and refurbish the airport beacon tower,” he said.

“Our goal is to maintain a safe environment for pilots and make sure we are ahead of the curve in terms of infrastructure.”

He said contracts will be awarded for all the proposed upgrades through a competitive bidding process.

The work should start this month or August and take two to three months to complete.

“We’re working to manage growth in a smart, measured way,” he said. “We want to make data-driven decisions for not just the airport but for the entire community. This grant is the next step for us.”

This grant is a huge shot of adrenaline because it helps us step up our game.”

Representative Ed Thompson, R-Pearland, said the grant would give the airport the opportunity to increase its economic development impact within the area.

“General aviation is a vital industry to our state’s economic growth,” he said.

“I’m so pleased that Pearland Regional Airport is being recognized for their contribution and being given the opportunity to expand their impact.”

Texas Transportation Commissioner Laura Ryan also praised the airport.

“Providing this funding to the Pearland Regional Airport is key to supporting area aviation,” she said. “This is a vibrant facility that plays an important economic role in the local community.”

Source: http://www.chron.com/neighborhood/pearland/news/article/Pearland-Regional-Airport-to-use-500-000-grant-11292433.php#photo-13252199

TXDOT Approves Grant For Pearland Airport

By: Pearland.com

The Pearland Regional Airport will be getting some much-needed upgrades now that a $500,000 grant from the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) has been approved. Even though the grant is federal, TxDOT (Texas Department of Transportation) actually approves who gets it and how it is spent. The money will go towards safety and security improvements at Pearland Regional Airport, including new entrance gates, signage, striping, electrical and lighting. The main focus will be helping reduce the chance of vehicles from entering the runways and taxiways, as well as enhancing the visibility of markings for pilots flying to and from Pearland Regional.

“The enhancements the airport is going to receive will help to make sure aircraft can navigate the airport and move safely alongside their four-wheeled counterparts,” said Stephen Alexander – Texas Aviation Partners.

“Over the past eighteen months, Pearland Regional Airport has seen explosive growth, including nearly forty new hangars, new commercial businesses arriving, and a substantial increase in full time employment.”

According to TXDOT, arrivals and departures from community airports account for more than three million flight hours per year and provide aircraft facilities for agricultural, medical, business and commuter use.

The work in and around Pearland Regional Airport will start this summer and take two to three months to complete.

“Pearland is truly a small city now, and this grant will go a long way to ensuring that the airport is set to safely and efficiently continue its robust development,” added Alexander. “We are excited for what the future holds for Pearland Regional Airport as it continues to become a stronger and stronger contributor to the greater Pearland community.”

Texas Aviation Partners manages and operates Pearland Regional Airport on behalf of the airport owner, Clover Acquisition Corporation. For more information or to sign up for the airport’s monthly newsletters, please visit www.flypearland.com

Source: https://www.pearland.com/message_board/view_message.php?parent_message_id=1054237&&fb=1

$1.5 million private hangar development opens at Pearland Regional Airport

Press Release


Pearland, Texas (January 16, 2017) – After months of anticipation, tenants who pre-leased a T-hangar at Pearland Regional Airport were excited to pick up the keys to their units on Monday.

“It’s been a lot of fun showing these pilots to their brand new hangars,” said operations manager Adam Arceneaux. “It’s like Christmas morning around here.”

Construction of the $1.5 million 23 unit T-hangar project is part of a multi-phase development plan put together by Texas Aviation Partners (airport management) and Clover Acquisition Corporation (airport owner).

Stephen Alexander with Texas Aviation Partners thinks the few remaining unleased units will go quickly.

“We listened to what the public needs and wants here” said Alexander. “With the construction of these T-hangars, we are looking to help alleviate the squeeze on general aviation pilots in the area.”

The T-hangars include electric bi-fold doors, 120-v outlets, plenty of space for supplies, and are in close proximity to the runway. They are expected to bring growth and development not only to the airport, but also to the surrounding area, as many of the alternative airport options do not have adequate hangar availability.

For more information about leasing, please visit www.flypearland.com/hangar-development or email [email protected].

Pearland Regional Airport to add hangars

Houston Chronicle

By Katherina Feser

December 28, 2015

Pearland Regional Airport has kicked off a plan to improve the airport starting with new hangars.

Texas Aviation Partners, the airport’s management team, has partnered with real estate development and design-build firm Western LLC on the development.

The initial work consists of building a 23-unit hangar complex and demolishing two existing facilities. The project is part of a broader plan to add more aviation facilities, Western LLC said in a news release.

Texas Aviation Partners and Western LLC began taking reservations for the hangars earlier this year.

The airport, at 17622 Airfield Lane, is about 30 miles southeast of downtown Houston.

Source: http://www.chron.com/business/real-estate/article/Pearland-Regional-Airport-to-add-hangars-6724497.php

Pearland airport expands to meet high demand

Houston Chronicle

By Annette Baird

November 20, 2015

Pearland Regional Airport will begin building new hangars in December as part of a multiphase expansion plan to meet growing demand from the private fliers for an upgraded, less-congested facility.

The project is a joint venture between airport management company Texas Aviation Partners, real estate development and design firm Western LLC and airport owner Clover Acquisition Corp. The first phase will add 23 units that will be available to buy or lease for smaller aircraft.

The $1.5 million hangar facility, slated to be ready for occupancy in March, comes on the heels of recent upgrades to the terminal, which now features a lounge area, Wi-Fi, a conference room and a pilot’s lounge equipped with flight-planning tools, coffee and snacks. The airport also offers jet-fuel service, a courtesy car, ramp tie-down parking and a rental car service and can provide limo, taxi and hotel arrangements.

“We really tried to put the building blocks in place so all the basics the public needs and wants are there,” said Stephen Alexander of Texas Aviation Partners. “We’re aiming to offer first-class facilities.”

Alexander said the goal is to capitalize on increased demand for airplane traffic for recreation, corporate and commercial use by offering an accessible, affordable and safe alternative, while improving services for tenants and pilots.

“The growth that is happening at Hobby and Ellington (airports) is causing a squeeze on general aviation and pilots for small aircraft,” Alexander said. “The price to fly is going through the roof.”

The larger airports, he added, are also very busy.

Location important

Alexander pointed to the Pearland airport’s location, within minutes of main roadways such as Interstate 45 and Sam Houston Parkway, which offer access to the Texas Medical Center and Houston’s Energy Corridor.

Alexander said the airport offers some of the lowest fuel prices, with additional discounts for tenants.

Located at 17622 Airfield Lane, the 320-acre airport was built as a private facility in 1940 by the George R. Brown family. The airfield came into public use in 1950. In 1997, Clover Acquisition acquired the property, and it became known as Clover Field. It was renamed Pearland Regional Airport in 2003. Texas Aviation Partners, a private company that provides a range of services from airport and terminal management to consulting, took over management in June 2013.

The airport, which has one 5,000-foot runway to accommodate up to medium-size jet aircraft, accommodates more than 200 small aircraft, has 65 hangars and counts an average of 27,500 takeoffs and landings in a year.

Second phase planned

Construction of larger custom-built hangars for purchase, the second phase of the development, is expected to get under way early next year.

Cassidy Berenato, director of marketing and business development for Texas Aviation Partners, said the jump in the number of hangars means they can increase capacity to store, fuel and maintain more planes.

Plans include replacing the perimeter fencing and security gates. The airport also plans to develop office, commercial and retail space and areas for light industries associated with aviation.

The airport also is involved in a feasibility study for a new road to access the facility, possibly from Telephone Road, Dixie Farm Road or Pearland Parkway.

For information, visit www.flypearland.com

Source: http://www.chron.com/neighborhood/bayarea/news/article/Pearland-airport-expands-to-meet-high-demand-6646713.php#photo-8991432