Since 2007, we have made the success of general aviation airports our mission.

Texas Aviation Partners believes that through well crafted planning, the creation of long-term relationships, and a holistic approach to airport and FBO management, general aviation airports can be beacons of economic growth to any community.

“Airports can be run like a business to where they generate revenue and eventually become self-sustaining, to where they do not require taxpayer subsidy. That’s the way we approach managing an airport.”

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Our Services


  • FBO and Terminal Facilities
  • Hangar Development
  • Airside and Landside projects


  • Business Development Plans
  • Concession Space Planning
  • FBO and Terminal Area Plans
  • Traffic Flow Studies
  • Land Use and Zoning


  • Complete Airport Operations and Management Services
  • Management Consulting
  • Marketing
  • Minimum Standards Creation and Review


  • Grant Applications
  • Letters of Intent
  • Capital Improvement Projects
  • Rates and Charges Analysis

Real Estate

  • Turnkey Management Programs
  • Residential and Commercial Acquisitions
  • Market Studies and Analysis
  • General Project Management
  • Relocation Plans
  • Appraiser Team Coordination
  • Public Information Programs


  • Lease Document Creation
  • Insurance Requirement Analysis
  • Rules and Regulations Creation and Review

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