Texas Aviation Partners began management of the San Marcos Regional Airport in October of 2010 with the goal to promote self-sufficiency at the airport through master planning, aviation and non-aviation business recruitment, privatization of all possible services, proper utilization of grant monies, and increased efficiency of basic management practices.

TAP is financially responsible for all utilities and vendor services as well as the general maintenance and upkeep of the property. The on-site management team also handles all accounts receivable and payable.

In addition to any fiscal responsibilities, the team acts as a liaison between the City of San Marcos and all other governmental agencies, including but not limited to TxDOT Aviation and the FAA to ensure continued access to grant funding.


Operations and Administration

  • Crafted new Minimum Standards and Rules and Regulations for City Council consideration and approval
  • Secured agreement with Randolph Air Force Base to use airport for training flights and emergency procedure drills
  • Served as rescue and recovery base for operations associated with 2015 floods
  • Lobbied for continued ATCT funding during sequestration
  • Host regular Airport Advisory Board meetings on a quarterly basis, tripling regular attendance

Airport Improvements

  • Acquired GPS approach procedures for all six runway approaches
  • Lobbied for and secured installation of tower radar
  • Secured installation of NextGen ADSB Repeater Station
  • Completed Phase I of directory and wayfinding signage
  • Developed improved airfield, grounds, and facilities maintenance schedule
  • Improving airport utilities with new water and sanitary sewer mains and duel power feed
  • Facilitated City-funding for historic WWII Commemorative Air Force hangar improvements
  • Coordinated remodeling of new airport management offices including ADA compliance
  • Proactively influenced TxDOT to restripe Highway 21 including left hand turn lanes
  • Improved airfield panel signage for safety

FAA Funded Projects

  • Secured FAA 90/10 matching grant funding for and oversaw planning, design, funding, and construction of the following projects totaling nearly $13M:
    • Taxiway Juliet reconstruction
    • Kilo Development Area construction
    • Runway 13/31 reconstruction
    • Installation of three runway PAPI’s
    • Runway 13 run-up area
    • Upgraded airfield lighting regulators
    • AWOS (Automated Weather Observing System) installation
    • Tower-compatible pilot-controlled lighting system
    • Airport entrance widening
    • FAA box hangar
    • Security fence
    • Hazard Wildlife Assessment
    • Business Development Plan
    • Airport Master Plan
  • Ensured smooth transition of non-controlled to controlled airspace in conjunction with the opening of the Air Traffic Control Tower
  • Acquired 42 acres and new airport management office/public meeting space from Texas State University
  • Spearheading updated Master Plan

Business Development

  • Created 5-year Business Development Plan and completed 80% of implementation recommendations
  • Recruited Redbird Skyport to construct 33,000  square foot facility and begin FBO operations
  • Assisted Specialized Aero with the expansion of their business operations, including the construction of a new hangar
  • Established new lease documents and procedures to streamline leasing process
  • Codified and published airport rates and changes
  • Negotiated lease for construction of $2.7M 31,000 square foot maintenance hangar for Berry Aviation
  • Recruited Coast Flight Training to expand their veteran pilot training program to San Marcos, increasing traffic counts
  • Increased economic impact from $44.9M to $82.1M (82% increase) per the Texas Aviation Economic Impact Study commissioned by TxDOT
  • Drafted new boundary maps to define property available for development
  • Established relationship with city permitting to simplify development process at airport
  • Implemented new insurance requirements to better protect city

Marketing & Community Outreach

  • Successfully campaigned to host the first-ever Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA) Regional Fly-In in 2014
  • Established regular communication with tenants and airport users in the form of monthly newsletters and a regular social media presence
  • Changed airport name to reflect FAA regional status
  • Designed new logo and brand for airport signage, marketing collaterals, and standalone airport website
  • Improved management responsiveness to airport customers with increased staff
  • Engaged marketing firm to assist with airport marketing plan
  • Initiated preliminary plans for San Marcos hosted airshow, car show and Go Wheels Up! Texas concert
  • Designed new standalone airport website and update regularly
  • Actively engaged with Texas Legislature through the General Aviation (GA) Caucus
  •  Draft and publish press releases in conjunction with the communications department
  • Give presentations to various local groups on a regular basis including the Chamber of Commerce and Lion’s Club
  • Work directly with local San Marcos ISD and ACC to increase awareness of job opportunities within aviation



In May 2013, Texas Aviation Partners was selected by the City of San Marcos and TxDOT Aviation to perform an Airport Action/Business Development Plan. The final report will be presented to City Council in August 2014.

The majority of TAP’s efforts concentrated on the development of an actionable, realistic business plan that will drive near‐term (3‐5 years) business decisions for the City and airport management.

The plan focuses on the following:

  • Existing and future conditions
  • Airport target market analysis
  • Business analysis
  • Financial analysis
  • Review of Minimum Standards and Rules and Regulations
  • Rates and charges review
  • Contracts/leases review
  • Standardized development provisions
  • Marketing and branding strategies

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