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GTU Jet relocating offices closer to Georgetown Municipal Airport’s runway

Press Release


May 3, 2017

GTU Jet to move base operations at Georgetown Municipal Airport

GEORGETOWN, Texas (May 3, 2017) – GTU Jet, the largest fixed base operator (FBO) servicing Georgetown Municipal Airport, is relocating their offices to a facility closer to the runway on Monday, May 8. The hangar and office building, which is adjacent to the airport terminal and air traffic control tower, is already part of GTU Jet’s leasehold.

The move comes on the heels of a successfully renegotiated lease with the city, led by Texas Aviation Partners, the FBO’s operator.

“We are ready and excited for the higher visibility,” said Ken Mabe, General Manager of GTU Jet. “The new location will make us easier to find for pilots visiting Georgetown for the first time.”

The space will include a dedicated frequency enabling air to ground communications with the FBO, a flight planning area, pilot snooze room, conference facilities, and a larger break room and rest area. Additionally, pilots will have access to a new diesel powered GPU, lavatory cart, and nitrogen service.

“We have invested heavily in the amenities we offer transient customers and tenants of the airport,” said Mabe. “Our level of service continues to increase. It makes sense to be closer to our customers on the airside so we can better serve them.”

GTU Jet will continue to operate and manage their existing hangar and ramp area, as well as the other buildings within their campus.

GTU Jet lands at Georgetown Airport

Williamson County Sun

By Matt Loeschman

August 19, 2015

Georgetown Municipal Airport’s newest fixed-base operator is also its largest. GTU Jet opened June 1, rebranding itself to distinguish it from the former Georgetown Jet Center, which had declared bankruptcy.

The business is now owned by GAABT Aviation, Inc., “who have fully invested in this business,” said Ken Mabe, GTU Jet acting general manager. “They look at Georgetown and the growth happening in this community as a serious opportunity.”

GTU Jet provides administrative and logistical support for clients and their planes at the airport.

“They may need a place to park,” Mr. Mabe said. “A client might want their aircraft out on the ramp at 7 a.m. fully fueled and ready to go. There are many services we can provide.”

Other services include catering, cleaning, ground transportation arrangements and more. Aircraft can be fueled and get an oil check. GTU Jet offers pilots a “crew car” to drive into the city if they are experiencing a layover.

“From a customer perspective, if you are flying into Georgetown, it is very streamlined,” said Cassidy Berenato, marketing and business development director for Texas Aviation Partners, an aviation consulting firm based in San Marcos that is managing GTU Jet.

“Every day, we are adding more amenities and more services.” Mr. Mabe said there has historically never been a “strong” fixed-base operator at Georgetown Municipal Airport.

“In order to properly service aircraft in the way the customer expects, you have got to have good facilities,” Mr. Mabe said. “They are expecting a certain level of service that didn’t exist at this airport in the past. But with our investors willing to step up, we will change that.”

Texas Aviation Partners, established in 2007, manages San Marcos Regional Airport as well as Pearland Regional Airport south of Houston. “Georgetown is really our third big location,” Ms. Berenato said.

Prior to June 1, GTU Jet took time to get its services and amenities in place, Ms. Berenato said. The business occupies six buildings, including multiple large hangars, in addition to 21 T-hangars that were all occupied Monday.

Mr. Mabe said company investors have put thousands of dollars into renovations and upgrades. A thorough evaluation was completed before rebranding to determine the highest priorities.

Leaks have been sealed, air conditioning systems have been repaired, fire suppression systems have been brought up to code and hangar doors have been repaired.

“We are making sure that safety is paramount,” Mr. Mabe said.

GTU Jet offers both jet fuel and aviation gasoline, or “avgas,” the two types of fuel used to power aircraft.

Both Mr. Mabe and Ms. Berenato are pleased to be operating in a city where growth is on the horizon.

“Georgetown is attractive to investors across the nation,” Mr. Mabe said. “We have consistent traffic coming through.”

The company is trying to attract businesses to occupy portions of Building 3 and Building 4, each of which has substantial office space adjacent to the hangar.

So what’s in a name? GTU is the navigational identifier for Georgetown’s airport.

“You plug ‘KGTU’ into the GPS and it leads you here,” Mr. Mabe said. “Those letters mean a lot to pilots.”

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