COVERING SAN MARCOS: D-Day plane arriving at new home

SAN MARCOS, Texas – The historic aircraft that led a formation of more than 800 C-47s to Normandy to drop paratroopers on D-Day will arrive at its new home on Tuesday.

The plane named ‘That’s All, Brother’ will make the final leg of its journey to its new home at the Commemorative Air Force (CAF) hangar at the San Marcos Regional Airport on March 6 at 1:00pm.

“That’s All, Brother is an American treasure,” said Wing Leader Joe Enzminger. “We are honored and humbled to be entrusted in the care of this iconic aircraft. Over the coming months, we hope thousands will come visit That’s All, Brother and help us by playing a part in returning the aircraft to Normandy, France for the 75th anniversary of D-Day.”

In 2015, U.S. Air Force historian Matt Scales discovered that the airplane wasting away in an aircraft boneyard in Wisconsin. Like so many aircraft which survived World War II, That’s All, Brother was used in a variety of post-war civilian roles, hauling people and cargo across the United States.

“Through the support of thousands of generous donors, we were able to rescue this historic plane from the boneyard and restore it to a wonderful piece of living history,” said Project Officer Andy Maag.

In January, the C-47 made a return to the skies after an extensive restoration performed by Basler Turbo Conversions in Oshkosh, Wisconsin.

“This is just one step of a long restoration journey. Now that the airplane is flyable, the next phase will focus on restoring the paint and the historic interior details,” said Maag. “In the coming months we will fly the plane extensively to events in order to build awareness and raise funds to enable the plane to return to Europe in 2019 for the commemoration of the 75th Anniversary of D-Day as well as the 70th Anniversary of the Berlin Airlift.”

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